Its Been Real: Starting a Business with a Spouse During a Pandemic

Its Been Real: Starting a Business with a Spouse During a Pandemic

Every interview we’ve had leads with these two questions: How has it been starting a business during the pandemic? How is it working with your spouse?

I figured, why not share some insight to our Buggy Fam that reads our blogs? Yes, we will give you that discount code at the end, but we have to let you know its been REAL!

Because of the pandemic, my husband and I were quarantined at home from March until July. We were anxious to visit stores and decided to give a grocery delivery service a try! We’ve always been big on spending our dollars in Black-owned establishments (empowering the businesses mostly overlooked). We realized our usual Black-owned spots were no longer remotely accessible. The larger grocery delivery services didn’t have them listed as an option!

We knew it was a void we had to fill. Everyone should have access to local, Black-owned stores. We had the time to put The Better Buggy in motion, and we’ve been committed since! Thankfully, our business has continued to grow and empower local, Black-owned businesses in ATL during this pandemic. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our urban farmers all smiles, gaining weekly customers after being significantly impacted by Covid-19.

Now, working with a spouse can be interesting! Who’s the manager? Who’s the employee? Who’s being insubordinate? Lol! Honestly, instead of roles, we had to divide the business by strengths and weaknesses. Jon is much better at graphics, finances, website building, etc. I appreciate the talents he brings to the table. He knows I am into marketing, social media, and customer/vendor communication. We play to each other’s strengths. Trust me, there has been sweat and tears, but it’s all worth it. Some weeks can be stressful when sales are lower, but we've learned to have a balance. At 6:30pm we are "clocking out" to enjoy family time with our baby boy. We will continue to put our heads together (even if we’re bumping heads occasionally haha) to continue to uplift local and Black-owned stores and farms!

As always, we’re forever grateful for your support. We’re over the moon about every order placed with The Better Buggy.

If you made it this far, you’re a real one! Use code BUGGYFAM for 25% off your delivery fee!


Until next time!
Rhandi Altidor
Rhandi Altidor

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